Dream Academy Unveils Participant Skills in HYBE X G-Pen Records – First Mission Videos Revealed

The first mission performance videos for the participants of “The Debut: Dream Academy” have been released, showcasing their dance and singing abilities.

On the 7th (Korean time), at midnight, HYBE LABELS‘ YouTube channel published the first mission performance videos (MISSION 1: SHOWCASE) for all 20 participants of “The Debut: Dream Academy.”

The participants were divided into two dance teams and two vocal teams, each consisting of five members. The dance missions featured performances of “Pink Venom” and “OMG,” while the vocal missions included a mashup of “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn and “Happier than Ever” by Billie Eilish, as well as a special arrangement of “Still Into You” by Paramore. Their outstanding skills in these missions elevated expectations for the program.

The ten participants who performed the first dance mission showcased their performance skills with songs from K-pop’s leading worldwide girl group, BLACKPINK, and NCT. In team A, Adela (Slovakia), Daniela (USA), Hinari (Japan), Megan (USA), and Ua (Japan) performed “Pink Venom” by BLACKPINK, perfectly embodying the original’s hip vibe while exuding charismatic swag. Their powerful yet graceful dance moves, intense facial expressions, and gestures left a strong impression.

In team B, Emily (USA), Ezrella (Australia), Maki (Thailand), Mei (Japan), and Yoonchae (Korea) showed off their dance skills with NCT’s “OMG.” The synergy between these five participants made it seem like they had been performing together for a long time. They radiated a youthful and refreshing energy, smoothly executing the distinctive choreography of “OMG” with their solid fundamentals, capturing the viewers’ attention.

The vocal mission was centered around pop songs. Team A, consisting of Brooklyn (USA), Manon (Switzerland), Lexi (Sweden), Kali (USA), and Ilya (Belarus), showcased their soulful vocal abilities with a mashup of “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn and “Happier than Ever” by Billie Eilish. All five members delivered deep and emotive performances for these sentimental songs.

Team B, composed of Sophia (Philippines), Samara (Brazil), Nayoung (Korea), Lala (USA), and Celeste (Argentina), presented rich harmonies with a special arrangement of “Still Into You” by Paramore. They effortlessly navigated through their individual parts with pure vocal tones and powerful high notes. Their harmonious melodies during the chorus captivated the audience’s ears with a deeply emotional resonance.

The first mission performance video, highlighting the distinctive personalities and harmonies of the 20 participants, garnered enthusiastic responses not only from the participants’ home countries (Slovakia, USA, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Belarus, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, South Korea, Brazil, Philippines) but also from music fans worldwide.

In addition to the team mission performance videos, individual focus cam videos for each participant have also been released, allowing viewers to closely observe each member’s charm. These focus cam videos can be viewed on the HYBE LABELS+ YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, alongside the release of the first mission performance videos (MISSION 1: SHOWCASE), fan voting for “The Debut: Dream Academy” is ongoing. Fans can vote through the fandom life platform, Weverse, within the “The Debut: Dream Academy” community and on the HYBE LABELS+ YouTube channel by watching the individual focus cam videos.

Voting for the first mission will conclude on the 10th at 3:59 PM, and the top 6 participants with the most votes will receive a “Exemption from Elimination” pass and proceed directly to the second mission. The viewer voting results will be revealed on the 16th at midnight, and the first two eliminated participants will also be announced on that day.

Source: Daum

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