Lee Hyo Ri: “The low-rise that I used to wear so easily…I’m glad I showed my skin when I was young” (Seoul Check-in)

Singer Lee Hyo Ri talked about how she showed off her body back then with the bold low-rise fashion.

On tvN’s “Seoul Check-in,” which aired on Dec 12th, Lee Hyo Ri met BoA and Hwa Sa.

When talking about Lee Hyo Ri’s “Ten Minute” era, they mentioned the original low-rise fashion that Lee Hyo Ri and BoA frequently showed at the time.

Lee Hyori

The two argued over who was the trendsetter of the low-rise fever, which recently came back. Then, Lee Hyo Ri said, “I saw BoA once at the hand-washing sink in front of the mirror. I was so amazed. I even wondered, ‘How come there are such short pants?’” she confessed.

It is a bold fashion item that is not easy to try, but Lee Hyo Ri said, “It was really easy then. We just wore it like normal when we went out to eat. But I don’t think I can wear it now. That’s weird. Why can’t I wear clothes that I used to wear so easily ?” The singers then talked about how their bodies have changed from before.

Lee Hyori

BoA also said, “It feels like my skin is falling apart. I feel that these days.”

Lee Hyo Ri said, “My skin feels different, even the belly skin,” adding, “I’m glad I showed my skin a lot when I was young. I should have taken my clothes off more,” she said in a nervous tone.

Source: Sports Today

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