“Don’t worry”… ITZY Yuna indirectly expresses feelings about recent report on “shockingly skinny ribs”

ITZY Yuna expressed her feelings indirectly while the recent status of her skinny body was revealed and became a hot topic.

On April 29th, when fans asked “What did you eat?” through Bubble (paid communication service application), Yuna replied, “(I ate) Greek apple crumble. I’m at the dorm. It’s not jokbal.”


Afterwards, she drew attention by answering fans’ questions about her recent status, “It was delicious. I eat well, so don’t worry.”

Recently, Yuna‘s appearance on the stage of a fan meeting held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on April 9th became a hot topic on various online communities.

Yuna was wearing a cropped T-shirt on stage, showing a slim figure enough to count the number of ribs.


Upon seeing this, overseas netizens poured out concerns such as “I can’t believe it”, “How can this be a normal body”, “Poor her” and “K-pop’s diet is bizarrely crazy.”

On the other hand, some Korean netizens showed reactions such as “A skinny person from birth”, “Her ribs were only highlighted by the lighting” and “Maybe she was born skinny.”


Meanwhile, Yuna‘s group ITZY is gaining global popularity, with the music video for their first original Japanese single “Voltage” released on April 6th surpassing 10 million views on YouTube.

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