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Karina is sweating… Winter looks dry and soft even after dancing passionately

Girl group aespa Winter explained that she does not sweat no matter how intense the choreography is.

MBC’s “The Manager,” which aired on July 9th, depicted the blockbuster-level filming set of aespa’s “Girls” performance music video.

On this day, aespa filmed at a helicopter field for their second choreography performance.

aespa winter

The members, who were monitoring the take after an intense choreography, all had a small mini hand fan in their hands. Karina was suffering from the heat with sweat on her forehead.

However, Winter was seen drinking water with a peaceful expression when the members were all affected by the heat. Winter’s dry appearance surprised all the MCs who were watching the footage

aespa winter

Karina said, “Winter doesn’t sweat,” and Winter nodded and agreed. However, she also made people laugh by saying, “I sweat on the inside.”

aespa winter

Recently, many people are tired of the heat, but Winter has a unique physical trait that prevented her from sweating, which helps her a lot when they have performances on humid days.

aespa winter

In response, fans responded, “I’m so jealous that she doesn’t sweat,” and “It would be nice if I didn’t have to suffer in summer.”

aespa winter

On the other hand, aespa started their comeback this time with the release of their second mini-album “Girls” on July 8th.

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