“I really love Pledis”… The reason why SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi sobbed while drinking soju with Lee Young-ji 

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi shed tears while showing affection for his agency Pledis Entertainment.

SEVENTEEN member Hoshi appeared on the web entertainment show “My Alcohol Diary”, which was released on July 8th. This is the program where celebrities are invited to Lee Young-ji’s house to share honest stories while drinking alcohol.

On that day, Hoshi appeared and said “My alcohol tolerance is 1.5 bottles”. Afterward, Hoshi and Lee Young-ji bet on drinking a glass of soju every time they used English and used about 4 bottles of soju for the game.

Seventeen Hoshi

After getting drunk, Hoshi confessed, “With not a bit of lie, I’m close to all of our members”, adding, “Although we’re very close, it’s still hard to re-sign the contract. Because there are individual differences in the way each of us thinks. It’s different for every situation. There is no one defined answer. It’s a process of adapting to each other”.

Seventeen Hoshi

He continued, “There are contents where I need to forcibly laugh. While doing those, I started to question whether I should continue to do this. Although I didn’t say it, there were many moments when I wanted to give up.”

Seventeen Hoshi

Hoshi suddenly sobbed, “I really love Pledis”. He tearfully confessed, “They have supported us a lot since we were nothing. I really love my company”.

Seventeen Hoshi

Later, Hoshi suddenly stopped crying and shocked Lee Young-ji as he said “I really love today’s program”.

Seventeen Hoshi

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN announced that all 13 members had re-signed with Pledis Entertainment ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contracts last year. The group recently released their 4th full album “Face the Sun” and surpassed 2 million copies of initial sales album. SEVENTEEN will release their 4th repackage album “SECTOR 17” at 6 p.m on July 18th.

Source: Wikitree

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