DKZ Kyoungyoon, a victim of JMZ cult, reportedly diagnosed with anxiety disorder and social phobia

DKZ member Kyoungyoon has been suffering from anxiety disorder and social phobia since the JMS cult controversy.

On April 19th, DKZ’s agency posted a notice on the group’s official fan cafe, saying, “We will inform you about the upcoming schedule for the ‘Cultwo Show’ in Boseong on the 29th and Kyoungyoon’s future activities.


The agency stated, “We have recently received repeated complaints (from Boseong County Office and National Petition Center) requesting the cancellation of the appearance of our artist. As a result, we have caused inconvenience to the Boseong County Office personnel who had to directly respond to these complaints.

Furthermore, they announced changes in the lineup saying, “Five DKZ members (Sehyun, Minkyu, Jaechan, Jonghyung, Kiseok) were scheduled to participate in this event. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the sudden change in the lineup.”


The agency also explained that “Kyoungyoon is currently undergoing counseling and treatment, feeling a heavy sense of responsibility regarding the matter. He has received a diagnosis of anxiety disorder and social phobia from his physician and plans to focus on his treatment and stability for the time being.

They concluded, “Any issues related to our artists are solely due to our shortcomings. We will prioritize the safety and protection of our artists in the future and make decisions accordingly, carefully considering the love and support of the fans.

Earlier, with the release of Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal,” a list of JMS-related businesses spread online, causing a stir. In the process, the name of a cafe operated by Kyoungyoon’s parents was mentioned. It was revealed that the cafe had a sign similar to cult leader Jeong Myeong Seok’s handwriting.


At the time, DKZ’s agency announced Kyoungyoon’s withdrawal from JMS and said, “The business run by Kyoungyoon’s family will immediately cease operation, and we will confirm all aspects related to a specific group and state that there will be no future association with them.”

Kyoungyoon also posted on her Instagram, saying, “The words I mentioned without much thought in the past have caused even greater misunderstanding, and I am reflecting and blaming myself to the point where I want to turn back time. I am deeply sorry for being so inadequate and insufficient.”

Source: wikitree

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