Crush wrote a letter to fans sharing about the sweetness of Joy (Red Velvet) after publicly dating

Crush doesn’t hesitate to show his love to Joy!

After nearly a day of social media filled with news about Joy and Crush publicly dating, this singer immediately wrote a letter on his fancafe to share his news with his Shibamis (Crush’s fandom).

Shibami! You were really shocked, right? This is my first time talking about something like this, so I’m really anxious and nervous, but I will try to talk about the friend that appeared in the articles,” he began.

“Thanks to this very bright and positive friend, lately there have been more days that make me laugh and my heart has gotten healthier! We have only begun slowly and seriously figuring out each other’s feelings, and once the time was right, I wanted to be the very first person to tell Shibami, but I’m embarrassed that articles were able to come out first,” he continued. “When I think about Shibam, who is more embarrassed and upset by the sudden news than I am, my heart is heavy. I would be grateful if you watched us with a generous heart.”

“To all of you Shibam who always lift me – who is always lacking – up with your love and support, I will take responsibility and work to show you a good image! I’m always thankful, and I love you,”
the male singer shared.

Yesterday, both the couple’s management companies, SM Entertainment and P-Nation, officially announced that these two idols are dating. Contrary to usual, netizens reacted positively to this new news and kept sharing sweet and adorable moments in their latest collab “Mayday”.

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