BTS Jimin touches fans by presenting live video “Dear. ARMY” on BTS’s 10th debut anniversary

Member Jimin impressed fans with his special gift in celebration of BTS’s 10th debut anniversary.

On June 7th, BTS’s official Youtube channel “BANGTAN TV” uploaded a live video titled “Jimin, ‘Letter (Dear. ARMY)’ Live Clip #2023BTSFESTA”.


Included in Jimin’s solo album “FACE”, “Dear. ARMY” is a hidden track that can only be heard 6 minutes and 13 seconds (same as the debut day – June 13th) after the end of all the songs, including the English version of the title track “Like Crazy”. 

It’s a song made based on the letter in which Jimin expresses his thoughts to fans about BTS’s group activity hiatus. This hidden track is not available on music streaming sites, and can only be found on CDs.

The released video shows Jimin sitting on a chair against the backdrop of a green forest. He captivates the hearts of fans by showcasing his beautiful voice perfectly complementing the acoustic guitar melody, proving his undeniable talent as a vocal genius.


In particular, since the song contains Jimin’s sincere feelings for fans, a sense of healing and comfort is well-delivered through his calm yet heartfelt voice. At the end of the song, he smiles brightly and reveals the friendship tattoo he shares with the other members, creating a touching moment.

After its release, “Letter” ranked first No.1 in real-time worldwide trending, followed by “PARK JIMIN”, “THANK YOU JIMIN”, and “Jiminie” from No.2 to No.4. In the meantime, “ジミンちゃん (Jimin)” rose to No.13, and the U.S. trending also found “PARK JIMIN”, “Jiminie” and “Letter” ranking from No.3 to No.5.


In addition, Jimin’s live video “Dear. ARMY” already surpassed 3 million views on Youtube and placed 5th in Worldwide Popular Music Videos, certifying the enthusiastic responses of fans for the big gift Jimin prepared on the celebration of BTS’s 10th debut anniversary.

Fans poured compliments, such as “The best Festa gift”, “His voice suits acoustic guitar sounds so well. It’s such a healing”, “I cried as soon as he sangㅠ So touching”, “Jimin ah, thank you. I love you”, “Everything about Jimin is so perfect”, etc., heating up the festive atmosphere.

Source: Nate

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