Did Winter not sing her part on purpose to prove aespa was singing live?

Winter seems to intentionally did this to show that aespa’s performance was completely live, not lip syncing like what anti fans said. 

During year-end award shows and music festivals, aespa was constantly involved in controversy over obvious lip-syncing. Many netizens claim that since debut until now, aespa’s actual live singing performances are only a few. The SM girl group drew criticism for disrespecting viewers, having great vocals yet overusing lip syncing.

Recently, a video of aespa went viral on social media. This video is cut from aespa’s Dreams Come True performance at Inkigayo on January 9. The special part about this video is when Winter deliberately did not sing her line at the end.

Winter forgot the lyrics or purposely didn’t sing to prove that aespa was singing live? (from 3:05)

Winter was supposed to sing the lyrics “you gotta be mine” before “dreams come true”. However, when it was her turn, Winter was silent, looking straight into the camera, without looking confused like someone who forgot the lyrics. Fans think that this is Winter’s response to the criticisms targeting aespa over their alleged lip syncing.  If aespa actually lip-synced, the “you gotta be mine” line would have been heard. Therefore, fans believe that Winter did not forget the lyrics, but she stopped singing on purpose. 

Winter not sing her part on purpose
The moment Winter suddenly stopped singing while performing Dreams Come True

Aespa’s admirers claim that they don’t lipsync as much as antifans claim. The members’ vocals and techniques are so good that they’re frequently mistaken for lip-syncing. Fans hope that the lipsync controversy will die down as a result of this incident, and that non-fans will have a different point of view of the group’s singing ability.

Winter not sing her part on purpose

Netizens’ comments:

  • Winter did it on purpose.  Look at her facial expression.
  • Antifans claim that they lip sync just because they sing so well. 
  • Winter jjang!  She self-claims that the group doesn’t lip-sync
  • SM idols are inherently good at singing.  I keep wondering why aespa keeps lip syncing even though their voices are so good.  It turned out because they sang so well that I misunderstood them.
Winter not sing her part on purpose
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