Deep cut dress… Shin Se-kyung’s recent photos caught the eye

Actress Shin Se-kyung showed off her elegant charm in a deep cut dress, attracting attention.

Shin Se-kyung posted several photos on her Instagram on the 4th with the words “beautiful”.

In the published photos, Shin Se-kyung took various poses at a jewelry brand event.

On this day, she certified her beauty in a pure white off-shoulder dress with her shoulders clearly exposed.

In particular, she showed off her doll’s visuals with the small face, large eyes, and a sharp nose bridge, drawing admiration.

Shin Se-kyung also received praise for her voluminous body and body proportion reminiscent of a model.

Here, she took a selfie and drew attention by exuding a unique innocent charm.

Netizens who saw the photo posted on Shin Se-kyung’s Instagram Left many comments such as: “You’re so pretty, Se-kyung,” “You’re so innocent, beautiful, and pretty”, “This unnie lives alone in the world again”, “It’s the best. Beautiful”, “Really elegant”, etc.

Meanwhile, it is known that Shin Se-kyung has started filming as the female lead in the second season of tvN’s new drama ‘Arthdal Chronicle’.

Source: wikitree

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