Netizens suspect that YG is making the same mistake with BLACKPINK just like how they did with 2NE1

Fans have recently raised theories about the future of BLACKPINK members.

Speculations about the future of BLACKPINK have been spread widely on the Internet these days. It is because BLACKPINK’s contract due date in 2023 is coming really close. A lot of fans are worried that the girl group may follow the same road of 2NE1 if they disband.

Fans keep on worrying for the future of BLACKPINK girls

Looking back on the whole jouney of BLACKPINK, netizens believe the girl group is repeating the scenario of their senior group. Ever since their debut, they were called “the copy of 2NE1” because of their girl-crush concept. Apart from their style, YG Entertainment also developed BLACKPINK’s image that resembles much of 2NE1, from the number of members to the way they perform.

BLACKPINK used to be called “The copy of 2NE1”

Moreover, YG also treated these 2 girl groups in the completely same way. While BLACKPINK was preparing for their debut, 2NE1 was on the verge of disbandment. BLACKPINK appeared in the music industry for the first time in 2016. And this was also the most difficult time for 2NE1 as the members were struggling with their solo careers. 

2NE1 used to be neglected by their company many times

Controversies related to Lisa made fans angry

Fans are worried that the same scenario may happen once again with BLACKPINK. At the moment, YG is preparing to debut a new girl group called “Baby Monster” and has delayed BLACKPINK’s comeback several times.

Up to now, it has been almost a year since BLACKPINK’s last music release as a group. While BLACKPINK fans constantly trend hashtags and request the company to let the group have a comeback, YG is busy teasing Baby Monster’s debut.  The members of 2NE1 themselves and their fandom used to experience this. Despite their global popularity, two YG girl groups both have a small number of songs in their discographies. 

The group’s latest title track is “Lovesick Girl” released in October 2020

What makes fans more angry is that recently, YG has been showing a neglecting attitude to the issues related to their artists. Most recently, Lisa fans get mad at how the company restrained the female idol’s individual activities. Controversy sparks over Lisa not being allowed by YG to attend the event of BVLGARI for reasons of safety during the pandemic. This incident caused Lisa’s fans to be extremely angry. Lisa’s largest fan site in China even announced to stop buying BLACKPINK’s albums indefinitely.

BVLGARI’s CEO also shared a post expressing his dissatisfaction with YG’s action towards Lisa 

Based on these incidents, fans believe that if they don’t quickly terminate their contracts with YG, BLACKPINK members will end up like their seniors 2NE1. Although currently all 4 girls are in good positions, ready to develop more individual projects, without the company’s proper support, it will still be difficult for them to achieve higher levels of success, worthy of their talents.

Many fans hope BLACKPINK will disband and go completely solo 

Since BLACKPINK’s debut, many netizens have noticed that YG Entertainment is turning BLACKPINK into another version of 2NE1 with their management. It’s an undeniable fact that BLACKPINK has established a solid position in the K-pop industry. Not only is the group outstanding in music, the members also dominate the fashion industry and have huge endorsement deals. That’s something 2NE1 members couldn’t do. However, many fans still hope 4 girls will leave YG soon as they believe that on their own, the BLACKPINK members can develop to their fullest potential. 

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