Crush’s confession 8 months ago: “Joy is my ideal type”

After Crush and Red Velvet Joy have been confirmed dating, moments from the past when the two confessed their feelings are recalled, arousing great attention.

joy crush

In the morning of August 23, Joy‘s company, SM Entertainment, confirmed the dating rumor of Joy and Crush, saying, “They met as seniors and juniors but recently had feelings for each other and started dating.”. Earlier today, it was reported that Crush and Joy met each other in a music collaboration on May last year. In particular, Joy collaborated with Crush in his single “Mayday”. They maintained their good friendship until recently, they have developed from friends into lovers.

In October last year, Crush appeared on MBC’s reality show “Radio Star” and told the story of his music collaboration with Joy. He said, “Last time when I appeared on ‘Radio Star’, I mentioned my ideal type was Irene, but now I realized it’s actually Joy.” He smiled and confessed, “In fact, Joy is my ideal type. I have no other pick.”

Joy and Crush dating

In June last year, Joy also posted her selfie with Crush and wrote “I’m a successful fan” to promote Crush’s single “Mayday”. In the photo, Joy and Crush were looking face-to-face and their lovely moment drew much of the attention from fans.

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