“This place” is where Han Ji-min uses the “Yoo Quiz” prize money, not her family or the charity

It was belatedly reported that actress Han Ji-min had spent the prize money she won on “Yoo Quiz” on “this place”, which impressed many.

Han Ji-min appeared on the latest episode of tvN’s entertainment program “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” which aired on July 6th.

On the show, she introduced one of her stories with Jung Eun-hye, who worked together with her in the recently ended tvN Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues,” drawing satisfaction from viewers.

She introduced a movie, saying that she recently watched Jung Eun-hye’s movie “Your Face.” She said, “If these movies are more loved, wouldn’t friends like Eun-hye have the courage to step into society more?”

Jung Eun-hye then made a surprise appearance in a video letter and conveyed her heartfelt feelings to Han Ji-min. Jung Eun-hye said, “I had a great time acting with you and I was really happy. And my birthday party was fun. Again, thank you for remembering me and I love you.

In particular, on the show, the place where Han Ji-min spent her entire prize money after the quiz was revealed, which surprised many. The place where she spent the prize money was the screening of Jung Eun-hye’s movie “Your Face,” not even her family or charity.

Han Ji-min even added her own money to the 1 million won prize money to prepare a screening for the movie “Your Face,” which was released last month.

On the day of the screening, Han Ji-min showed her sincere affection by giving stage greetings with Jung Eun-hye and helping Eun-hye, who was nervous.

(Miss Baek) is a movie that deals with the social problem of child abuse, so it needed a lot of attention and I think the movie has gathered a lot with the hope that it would make a difference in this society,” she said adding, “I felt the same way when I saw ‘Your Face.

I hope that another Eun-hye, who is livings in this world, will come out into a brighter world instead of staying in the dark. I would like to invite them with a small hope that it would be a world where more people can be loved with a warmer perspective because I can share this feeling with others after watching the movie,” she said.

Earlier, Jung Eun-hye, who has Down syndrome, appeared as Young-hee, Young-ok’s twin sister, in the tvN drama “Our Blues,” which ended last month, leaving a deep impression on many viewers.

Source: wikitree

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