ChoA burst into tears when knowing a fan has kept AOA goods for 10 years

Former AOA member ChoA shed tears as she told the story of the AOA bus card that a fan had kept for 10 years.

On December 4th, a video titled, “I almost ended up with a chaotic autumn camping like this,” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of ChoA. Leaving for a camping trip, ChoA began carrying out various activities, including making and eating hotteok herself.

ChoA burst into tears

She then picked up maple leaves and made gifts for fans. She said, “Actually, I prepared a lot of things for this camping trip. I was going to make pepero and send them to fans, but I didn’t have enough time. So I’m coating these pretty autumn leaves and will gift them to fans instead.”

While making the gifts, ChoA said, “I recently met a fan who has a bus card of AOA”. This bus card was reportedly made 10 years ago during AOA’s debut days. ChoA burst into tears and shared, “The color on that bus card has faded. I felt sad as much as the time that has passed.”

A fan has kept AOA goods for 10 years

In the previous video, while having a fan meeting with fans in a Kakaotalk group, ChoA received a photo taken of an AOA bus card from fans. It is known that this fan has kept the bus card that has ChoA’s signature for nearly 10 years.

While telling the story, ChoA commented, “I thought things like this would have been thrown away. But when I see people treasuring these goods, I feel touched. To the fan who has kept the bus card for 10 years, thank you so much.”

ChoA burst into tears

In the comment section of ChoA’s Youtube video, her fans left many comments, saying, “I remember that the fan who had the bus card was an overseas fan”, “Hope these things can be remembered as a good memory”, “ChoA could feel how much her fans care for her as much as how she treasures her fans. This is so heartwarming”, “I also cried while listening to her story”.

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