All Six Former GFRIEND members Reunite: Laughter and Memories Shared

Former GFRIEND members have all gathered together.

On August 5th, Eunha, Sowon, and Yerin posted photos of GFRIEND reunion on their Instagram. In the photos, all 6 former GFRIEND members strike poses around a dinner table, creating a warm vibe that captures fans’ attention.


Eunha added the caption “9981234…” to her post, while Yerin wrote “We’re having fun as always,” and Sowon expressed “Love..” in her caption.

SinB shared the same photo on her Instagram story and also shared a photo of GFRIEND taking four-cut pictures. Yuju also posted a photo of GFRIEND on her Instagram story. Umji did the same and added, “I’m happy that we still have lots of laughter to share together.


GFRIEND, which debuted in January 2015, disbanded after 6 years of activities. Afterward, Eunha, SinB, and Umji formed the group VIVIZ and are currently promoting together, while Yerin and Yuju are pursuing solo careers.

Earlier this year, GFRIEND members had also gathered to celebrate their 8th debut anniversary.

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