Fans still boiled with rage even though Song Ji-hyo tried to end the short haircut controversy

Song Ji-hyo opened up about the recent controversy over her short haircut on “Running Man”.

song ji-hyo

On the December 19 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man“, Song Ji-hyo appeared in a year-end fashion with short haircut and black & white outfit. She tried to end the controversy over her hairstyle by saying, “My hair grows quickly.”

Yoo Jae-suk also reinforced Song Ji-hyo‘s opinion, “Stylists go through a lot because of ‘style’, but the artist’s own taste is often involved.”

Then, when Haha joked, “Didn’t Ji-hyo move her beauty salon to Jong-kook’s?”, Song Ji-hyo replied, “I go to a barbershop, barbershop.”

However, fans’ reactions are still cold. In the comment section of the above-mentioned clip video, a fan said, “I’m not complaining about the short haircut. I just want to talk about the stylist’s behavior. It’s a shame.”

song ji-hyo

Other fans also expressed their resentment towards Song Ji-hyo, “I don’t know that (Song Ji-hyo) is still dissatisfied with the short haircut controversy. It wouldn’t have been easy for fans to speak up. It’s really depressing to hear her say something like that.”

Earlier, Song Ji-hyo‘s fans asked Song Ji-hyo to change her stylist since she wore a ripped coat during “2021 AAA” and her short haircut also failed to take advantage of her strengths.


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