Not a single customer visited Kang Ho Dong X Lee Seung Gi X Bae In Hyuk’s ramen store (Brother Ramyeon)

Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi and Bae In Hyuk of “Brother Ramyeon” will be embarrassed properly.

“Brother Ramyeon”, which is set to premiere on May 22nd, is a reality entertainment program co-produced and simultaneously broadcast by TV CHOSUN and Discovery Channel Korea. Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi and Bae In Hyuk will spread K-ramyeon in Japan, which is familiar with ramen, by opening a “ramyeon store” at a famous tourist attraction and introducing various variations of ramyeon containing Korean taste.

Above all, Korea’s representative MC Kang Ho Dong, who is recognized for his extraordinary cooking and hosting skills, Lee Seung Gi, an all-round entertainer who is active across genres, and actor Bae In Hyuk, who impresses the public through dramas such as “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, “Cheer Up” and “Why Her?”, is expected to create a fresh synergy.

On May 15th, the preview for episode 1, which contains the “story about the difficulty of opening a ramyeon store”, was released. The video showed Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi and Bae In Hyuk preparing ingredients along with Kang Ho Dong’s loud voice announcing 2 minutes before the opening of the “Brother Ramyeon” business. Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi, who looked slightly nervous, shouted “I’m ready” and “I’m ready too“. However, the three brothers soon faced an emergency situation, amplifying viewers’ curiosity.

anh ramen

Moreover, there were no customers who came to the store even after the full-scale business began. In the end, Kang Ho Dong showed his anxiety to Bae In Hyuk, “In Hyuk, look outside.” At that moment, several people appeared on the street, but they indifferently passed by the store, frustrating the three brothers.

Even 30 minutes after the store opened, not a single customer visited the store, making the three brothers worried. At this time, Kang Ho Dong said, “Were we confused for no reason?” Viewers raised curiosity about how the three brothers will run the store in the future.

Source: Nate

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