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Hyo-yeon and Soyou reveal, “Kim Hee-chul’s name appeared on the floor for women during an idols’ overseas concert” 

Girls’ Generation Hyo-yeon and SISTAR Soyou will reveal a shocking story about Kim Hee-chul.

Jang Hyuk on “Cultwo Show”, “Casting best friend Kim Jong-kook for action acting? I already have a plan”

Actor Jang Hyuk revealed some behind-the-scene stories of the movie “The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die”.

Jang Hyuk when asked who will win in a fight between him and Kim Jong Kook, “I’ll lose” 

Kim Jong Kook was brought up in Jang Hyuk’s recent radio appearance. 

Lee Mi-joo X Hanhae, a forced love line that does not make viewers’ hearts flutter

Singers Lee Mi-joo and Hanhae are continuing their love line on various entertainment programs, but there is no excitement.

Yoo Jae-seok gets praised for his witty sense of entertainment in the new episode of “Running Man”

Yoo Jae-seok drew attention with his entertainment skills.

Sam Hammington: “Move 6 times in Korea… Now living in a house because of WillBengers”

Sam Hammington said he moved house 6 times in Korea.

DinDin asked to be introduced by Kim Jong Kook to his niece, Kim Jong Kook’s reaction is? 

DinDin showed interest in Kim Jong Kook’s niece Soya.

Lee Guk-joo, “It’s hard to go up from the 4th to the 6th floor, so I move around even inside my house”

Lee Guk-joo said that she packs her luggage even inside the house.

Yoo Jae-seok and Kim Jong-kook to hold a heated debate over ramen cooking methods on “Running Man”

Kim Jong-kook and Yoo Jae-seok will face off in a ramen debate.

Nayeon and Lee Mu-jin cover each other’s songs on “Omniscient Interfering View”… Nayeon draws admiration for her sweet voice

Lee Mu-jin and TWICE’s Nayeon sang each other’s songs on “Omniscient Interfering View”.

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