Mnet’s editing department caused controversy again with the three-leg girls in ‘Street Woman Fighter’

Once again, Mnet’s reality show editing is controversial.

The new Mnet reality show, ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is currently receiving a lot of attention from the audience. In addition to the attractive choreography, the drama in the show also made viewers curious. Contributing to making the show more “thrilling”, we can’t forget the participation of Mnet’s editing department.

Unknowingly or intentionally, the show still left some weird mistakes in the final product, typically… gave a contestant a third leg while she was chatting.

Mnet editing skills
The legendary three-leg girl!!!!

Before that, Mnet’s cutting and editing was extremely hypocritical and many times made viewers angry. Some information had to be corrected on the SNS because the truth was not the same as what Mnet aired.

Mnet editing skills
While covering his mouth to yawn, Mnet edited it to be he was in surprise with the contestant’s rapping skills
Mnet editing skills
What’s more real than grafting the whole face into the body?
Mnet editing skills
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