Current whereabouts of the “nation’s little sister” Kim Yoo Jung, who already turns 25 this year 

The “nation’s little sister” Kim Yoo Jung shows off her mature charm in a special pictorial. 

Recently, Allure Korea released multiple attractive pictorial photos of actors Kim Sung Chul and Kim Yoo Jung, who worked together in the play “Shakespeare in Love”.

kim yoo jung

In this couple fashion pictorial, Kim Yoo Jung showed off her innocent charm in an all-black sleeveless dress.

Kim Yoo Jung’s fierce girl-crush image is emphasized by a short leather jacket with a top that exposed her bare shoulders.

In another photo, she gave off mature vibes by wearing suit pants with a checkered vest.

kim yoo jung kim sung cheol

In these pictorial shots, Kim Yoo Jung’s prominent, square shoulders catch the attention.

In the interview, Kim Yoo Jung said, “I have read a lot of Shakespeare’s works since I was a child. My character, Viola de Lesseps, is very attractive.”

Kim Yoo Jung will take on her first theatrical challenge with “Shakespeare in Love”, a play based on the movie of the same name released in 1998. It starts with the imagination that Romeo and Juliet was born out of William Shakespeare’s love.

kim yoo jung kim sung cheol

Source: Insight. 

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