ITZY’s Chaeryeong shares, “There was a person who tried to stop me from making my debut… I don’t care”

ITZY member Chaeryeong talked about the hardships she suffered because of malicious comments.

Chaeryeong appeared on Youtube’s entertainment program “My Alcohol Diary” on July 22nd.

In the video, Chaeryeong confessed, “I really care about others’ attention. It wasn’t like this when I was young. I used to think that I am the prettiest when I was in elementary school. But that confidence went to the ground while preparing for my debut.”

In response, Lee Young-ji asked, “Was there any specific event?”. Chaeryeong said, “There were a lot. There was even a person who tried to stop me from making my debut. There are always a few people like that.”

“I always tried to think of others first. I took extra care of my reaction but such actions looked sarcastic to others”, Chaeryeong revealed how she was hurt by malicious comments.

She added, “I don’t care”. Lee Young-ji advised, “It doesn’t matter if you care. You can care, of course, as we are human, not an AI or a monster. But just know that you are an amazing person.”

Source: nate

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