BTS’s V selected as “Artist of the Month” by NPOP

BTS’s V was selected as the “Artist of the Month” on NPOP, a music broadcast presented by Naver and Playlist

NPOP revealed live performances by various artists, including Heo Young-ji, Vanner, Jaechan, Cravity, H1-KEY, Lee Chaeyeon, BOYNEXTDOOR, EL7Z UP and EVNNE on September 25th. WEi’s Kim Yohan served as the special MC for September, and he announced the “Artist of the Month” and “Rookie of the Month” based on monthly rankings.

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Unlike other charts that rank songs based on weekly calculations, NPOP releases its chart based on monthly calculations. The NPOP chart combines various trend indicators, such as music scores reflecting streaming and album sales, pre-votes and live votes, views and search volume, to rank the artists.

bts v

V, selected as the “Artist of the Month”, gained significant attention by performing 4 songs from his solo album “Layover”, including the title track “Slow Dancing”, for the first time on NPOP’s stage.

For the “Rookie of the Month”, RIIZE was selected. RIIZE performed the title track “Get A Guitar” and the prologue single “Memories” from their first single album on NPOP’s stage, showcasing diverse charms while navigating through NPOP’s mission observation-type reality content and high-quality performance stage.


NPOP, which officially launched on September 6th, airs pre-recorded VOD content every Wednesday of the first three weeks of each month. The live broadcast takes place on the fourth Monday of each month.

NPOP can be viewed on Naver NOW.’s “NPOP” channel.

Source: Daum

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