BTS’s RM “If you drink whiskey while reading a book, it unfolds like a movie”

BTS’s RM likes the combination of whiskey and books.

On the December 9th broadcast of tvN’s “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”, the recording took place at a bar in Yeonhui-dong. A poster of a book signed by writer Kim Young Ha was displayed at the bar.


Kim Young Ha discovered the autographed poster and explained, “We had a pre-season 1 meeting for ‘The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge’ around here. I misunderstood the appointment time and came a little early. I stopped by this bar by chance. It’s a place with a deep connection to the show.” 

BTS’s RM sympathized, saying, “I have had a lot of experiences like that,” and confessed an embarrassing experience of his, saying, “Pop or jazz was playing, but then ‘Fire’ (BTS’s song) suddenly came out. I politely put my hands together and raised my mask.”


The filming location was a place to drink and read books.  RM commented, “It feels so good,” and added, “When I read a book while drinking whiskey, it unfolds like a movie, so I don’t know if this character is me or I’m the main character.”

Source: Daum

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