Nam Tae Hyun and girlfriend Seo Min Jae face arrest warrants after testing positive for methamphetamine 

Police applied to arrest Nam Tae Hyun and “Heart Signal 3” cast Seo Min Jae after detecting methamphetamine in their hair.

According to legal circles on May 17th, senior judge Song Kyung Ho in charge of warrants at the Seoul Western District Court will conduct a warrant substantive questioning at 10:30 a.m. on the 18th before arresting Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae. Earlier, the police investigated the two without detention on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act and submitted an application for an arrest warrant to the court on the 15th. 


Earlier in August last year, Seo Min Jae caused a stir when she made a post on her SNS account, saying “Nam Tae Hyun takes methamphetamine. His syringe is somewhere in my room or in my office cabinet”. 

She later deleted her post but released images of mobile phone memos, such as “I have Nam Tae Hyun’s syringe with me”, “Ah, there’s a recording on my phone”, “It’s love”, etc. These memos were also deleted shortly after being posted but they already spread widely online. In this regard, Seo Min Jae explained the next day, saying “It was a quarrel between lovers. I got stressed out and was in a state of losing my sanity due to consuming more psychiatric medication than the doze I should take. That’s why I uploaded unrelated content”.


Nam Tae Hyun also released an explanation on his SNS and apologized, saying “I’m sincerely sorry for causing concern to so many people over my private life issues”. However, he did not mention the drug allegation.

As netizens continuously reported and filmed complaints to the police, the National Police Agency’s Narcotics Investigation Department launched an investigation against the two on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. The police said, “We collected samples to secure evidence, and once the results of the forensic are announced, the two will be summoned for further investigation.” 

On the 16th, the Seoul Yongsan Police Station reportedly received the forensic result from the National Forensic Service. It is said that both tested positive for methamphetamine.

Source: Nate

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