BTS’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s stage in 2018: Jungkook sang along, V memorized the dance

It seems that BTS’s maknae-line are fans of BLACKPINK.

BTS and BLACKPINK are currently the two most popular Kpop groups. Their fandoms always compete fiercely on the charts and streaming platforms so they don’t get along well. But what is the relationship between the members of the two groups like? Throwback to a video of BTS’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s performance 3 years ago will partly answer this question.

BTS’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s performance of “Playing With Fire” and “As If It’s Your Last” at the 2018 Golden Disc Awards

Specifically, at the 2018 Golden Disc Awards, BTS and BLACKPINK both attended. The camera captured the moment when BTS members were watching BLACKPINK’s performance of the two hits “Playing With Fire” and “As If It’s Your Last”. Not only did they comfortably react to their junior group’s stage, BTS’s maknae-line V and Jungkook also knew the lyrics of the songs. While Jungkook was singing along to BLACKPINK, V even showed that he knew the choreography by dancing along cutely.

bts blackpink reaction
Jungkook sang along and V knew BLACKPINK’s songs well from the melody to the dance 
bts blackpink reaction
V continued to dance along
bts blackpink reaction
In both performances, BTS members were comfortably dancing and singing along to BLACKPINK

Unlike their fandoms, BTS members do not hesitate to show their enthusiastic and supportive reactions during BLACKPINK’s performance. After watching this old video, netizens expressed their excitement:

  • V knows all the lyrics.
  • Rosé’s voice is amazing.
  • Can’t imagine what it would be like if Jungkook sang this song in his room. And I really like how V was dancing and singing along to BLACKPINK.
  • V always enjoys other artists’ performances.
  • SUGA seems to be trying not to sing along, he was probably singing in his head.
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