BTS’s schedule to attend a broadcast in Japan was suddenly cancelled due to Jimin’s “anti-Japan” shirt

The BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook suddenly cancelled their flight to Japan, and netizens are talking about whether they will appear on Japanese television as scheduled before.

BTS members were scheduled to take a flight to Haneda Airport in Japan from Gimpo International Airport at 7:30 pm on November 8th.

There was a crowd at the airport waiting for them, but BTS did not appear. Along with the guards, reporters and fans gradually left the airport.

We only publicize official schedules to the press. We do not do it for unofficial schedules like airport departures, so please understand,” said Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS is scheduled to appear on the TV program called Asahi “MUSIC STATION”, which will be broadcast live at 8 pm on March 9th.

However, some extreme right wing groups in Japan have been saying that BTS’s appearance on Japanese television should be cancelled, considering the T-shirt which was worn by BTS member Jimin. In the T-shirt, there is a description of Korean independent day after the Japanese colonial period along with a controversial picture.


There is speculation that BTS’s schedule with MUSIC STATION may have been cancelled. For now, the names of BTS members are on the list of MUSIC STATION’s official website along with Kiritani Kenta and Sheena Ringo.

What do you think about this case? Do you think that BTS’s schedule was really cancelled? Let’s just wait and see if we can still see BTS on Asahi MUSIC STATION!


Big Hit has made an announcement on BTS’ Japanese fancafe, saying that BTS will postpone appearing on Music Station. The company apologized to fans and promised that they would work harder to let the artists and fans meet each other more often in the future.

“The appearance of BTS, which was announced on the 2nd, has been postponed,” MUSIC STATION said on its official website in the afternoon of November 8th, “The design of the T-shirt that was worn by a member of BTS has caused a stir in the community. After asking about the intention of wearing the shirt and discussing it with the agency, we regret to say that we decided to postpone the group’s appearance on our show. We apologize to all viewers who were looking forward to their appearance.”

Sources: Nate+Naver

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