Fans suspect Dispatch has released fake news about the relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie (BLACKPINK)

G-Dragon and Jennie accidentally revealed some details that made fans extremely confused.

Earlier this year, not only YG fans but also the Kpop fan community were shocked when Dispatch revealed the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie.  Accordingly, the love between the “king of Kpop” and the top Korean It girl has been over a year.  The main rapper of BlackPink regularly visits the apartment of G-Dragon in the Hannam-dong area.

protect Rosé and Jennie

Although this information has not been confirmed, the couple still receives great support from not only fans of the two groups but also from the Kpop fan community.  Most people think that G-Dragon and Jennie match well.  The name “Chanel couple” was created for this couple.

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie

However, some fans have begun to suspect this dating information is fake because of a revelation from G-Dragon in a recent interview. BigBang’s leader said that for over a year he has been living in an apartment in the Itaewon area.  This information completely contradicts the news from Dispatch that the male idol lives in Hannam-dong.

In addition to G-Dragon’s revelation, fans also have other “clues” to continue doubting the couple’s relationship. Specifically, Jennie has confirmed that she is currently single in the latest interview in a famous magazine.

Not until now, but since the dating news broke out, many fans did not believe it because there were so many questionable points.  Except for the images from Dispatch, G-Dragon and Jennie have never had any signs of being in a relationship.  In addition, the dating schedule announced by Dispatch is also considered unreasonable compared to the two stars’ schedules.

Source: saostar

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