Park Jinyoung, “Lia Kim is the one who raised JYP stars, couldn’t hold her back in our arms anymore”

Producer Park Jin-young looked back on his extraordinary relationship with choreographer Lia Kim.

On the afternoon of Sep 23rd, an online production presentation of SBS’ choir battle audition program “Sing For Gold” was held with the appearance of Producer Jung Ik-seung, Park Jin-young, Kim Hyung-seok, Han Ga-in, Lia Kim, and Lee Moo-jin.

“Sing For Gold” deals with the genre of “choir performance” for the first time in Korea. The winning team will also challenge the World Choir World Cup as the ‘K-Choir’ team representing South Korea.

Lia Kim sing for gold

Park Jin-young, composer Kim Hyung-seok, choreographer Lia Kim, actress Han Ga-in and singer Lee Moo-jin were named in the “Management Line,” a system unique to “Sing For Gold.”

Lia Kim said she joined “Sing For Gold” as “Park Jin-young’s Pick.” She shared, “When I first came here, he showed me the casting lineup. Everyone here is people who I like so much, and crucially, Park Jin-young wants me to come. I was so happy to be recognized by Park Jin-young,” she said.

Lia Kim sing for gold

Park Jin-young said, “There are many people who don’t know, but Lia Kim was our JYP’s teacher. She has been teaching JYP stars since the time of Wonder Girls. She first tried choreographing by making the dance for Sunmi’s ’24 Hours’, but after that, we couldn’t hold her back in our arms anymore. She flew far with her wings wide open,” he smilingly said.

At the same time, he said, “I need the strongest dream team because the program’s winner is going to the world tournament,” explaining the reason why he picked Lia Kim.

The first episode of “Sing For Gold” will air at 6pm on Sunday, Sep 25th.

Source: Daum

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