BTS V releases R&B romantic love song for the rainy days 

BTS released “Rainy Days” as part of the five MVs in his solo album “Layover.” 

On August 11, BTS V released the “Rainy Days” MV as part of the series of MVs for his solo debut album “Layover.” After the sensational pre-released track “Love Me Again,” “Rainy Days” is a palpable romantic love song. The first two songs in “Layover” have been released on digital music platforms.

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“Rainy Days” is an R&B song that makes use of everyday white noise. V’s unique singing voice is complemented by a soothing background. As its name suggests, “Rainy Days” is a romantic love song reserved for a rainy day. Listeners are enveloped in a sweet space and filled with comforting emotions. The song brings about an utmost sense of peace.

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BTS V also worked with Min Hee Jin to express his creativity through the MV. Normal, ordinary activities become poetic through V’s creative lens. The singer’s visual also compelled viewers to stay until the last seconds of the MV. “Rainy Days” also contains a broad range of metaphors, piquing viewers’ curiosity and inviting them to make their own interpretations. “Rainy Days” captures a calm side of V. Speaking of the idea behind the MV, Min Hee Jin wanted to focus on the singer’s simplicity behind his glorious front.

After the first watch, many netizens connect details from the MV with BLACKPINK Jennie. They claim that the bread-making scene is related to Jennie because the idol is a bread lover. Moreover, Yeontan – V’s pet dog – is also the same breed as Jennie’s pet dog Kuma: they are both Pomeranians. Hence, they believe the MV is dedicated to Jennie in some way. 

Source: k14 

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