Knetizens sparked controversy for claiming the failure of drama “Lost” was due to Ryu Jun Yeol’s “ugly” appearance

Drama ‘Lost’ starring Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol continuously recorded an alarming drop in ratings.

The presence of ‘Lost,’ starring Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol, seemed to be entirely ignored in the midst of the thrilling September Korean drama race. The drama began with a rating of 4.2 percent, which was very positive, but by episode 2, the rating had decreased to 3.8 percent. Since then, the rating has never increased and dropped to an alarming level in episode 5 with a recorded number of 1.7%. It is seen as a flop comeback of both actors.

lost-Jeon-Do -Yeon-Ryu-Jun-Yeol

A discussion on Korean Theqoo stated that Ryu Jun Yeol was the main problem in explaining why Lost failed miserably. Many harsh comments were thrown at him, claiming that Ryu Jun Yeol was “ugly” and that the chemistry between the two was unappealing. The role of Jun Yeol in the film is described as cool yet very attractive, and the audience believed that the actor did not convey the character’s needed attitude. Furthermore, the film’s color was excessively dark, and the content also appeared to lack significant breakthroughs.

lost-Jeon-Do -Yeon-Ryu-Jun-Yeol

Several times in the past, the actor’s appearance has sparked controversy. Therefore, because Ryu Jun Yeol had to have a quite weird hairdo for this comeback, his character frequently appears with a gloomy expression. Despite the harsh comments, several people defended the actor, claiming that he delivered an outstanding performance.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • You can always end up casting bad actors, but there’s just nothing happening in this drama… Even if the actors casted are bad, the drama will still blow up if it’s fun 
  • You’re going to blame this on the actors? Blame it on the script
  • I just don’t want to watch the plot 
  • I feel like I would’ve watched it if it was a movie… But as a drama, the content is just too depressing and I don’t feel the need to watch such depressing content for 10 episodes straight
  • It’s not all the male lead’s fault, but it’s true that because of the male lead, the audience doesn’t want to watch it, even if Jun Doyeon is there
  • I bet even if the male lead of the drama was f*cking handsome, it will still flop. It’s just boring. I don’t understand why people always blame it on the actors. Even if they casted someone else, it will still flop
  • We’re not blaming it on the looks of the actor. In comparison, just imagine Ma Dongseok playing a role that is supposed to be a slender person? I watched the show until episode 3 and the male lead just doesn’t match his role at all. I just can’t get myself immersed in the show. 
  • The casting was a total fail…
  • Ryu Junyeol should’ve gone for something that suits him, this was a miscasting.. 
  • If they casted a f*cking handsome actor, at least I’ll watch him through the drama no matter how depressing the plot was. Ryu Junyeol was just a miscast
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