K-netizens predict Dispatch’s 2022 New Year couple: An ITZY member is constantly mentioned, will next year be BTS’s turn?

Will 2022 bring a ‘shocking’ start for Kpop fans or will the first day of New Year go by peacefully?

In less than a month, the world will officially say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 with hope for more positive changes. For fans of the Hallyu wave, January 1st is worth looking forward to, yet also makes them terrified because every New Year’s Day, Dispatch has its own tradition of exposing relationships of celebrity couples (actor, singer, idol, athlete,…).

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In 2021, the most powerful couple among Korean actors, Hyun BinSon Yejin, became Dispatch’s first couple that was revealed on January 1st. As 2022 is approaching, to prepare for the New Year’s “shock” that is getting closer, Korean netizens on Nate Pann recently started a discussion to predict the identity of the singers, idols or actors who will end up being Dispatch’s first target in the upcoming year. 

Hyun Bin - Son Yejin

Compared to actors, Kpop idols are still more favoured by netizens because some of them believe that the first day of a new year will be much more “interesting” if it starts with the dating news of a famous idol couple. Among these, there are quite a few comments mentioning Ryujin (ITZY) and Haechan (NCT). In fact, rumors of the two young idols’ relationship have been circulating for a long time since the beginning of 2021. Although their fans have repeatedly gathered evidence to show that it was all just an exaggeration of the netizens, and Ryujin, Haechan or their management company themselves have not once spoken out, the two names are still constantly mentioned by the Korean online community in many posts.

ryujin haechan

Besides Haechan Ryujin, a number of other couples of idols and actors were also mentioned and some of them quickly created heated controversies on SNS because Korean netizens couldn’t find any proof proving that they were dating. In particular, many people tend to expect BTS members to get dating news because they are idols with the biggest popularity and coverage right now not only in Korea but also around the world.  Notably, the love rumors of some famous members like V or Jimin, which caused a stir on social networks not long ago, were also mentioned by Knets in the hope that Dispatch will soon keep an eye on them.

  • [+339, -100] Probably Ryujin and Haechan.  Honestly, everyone knows about this couple
  • [+204, -194] Jang Wonyoung and Woozi
  • [+140, -12] Shin Sekyung – Im Siwan / Song Kang – Han Sohee.  If it’s one of these two, everyone will be happy to support them
  • [+127, -3] I think it will be Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s marriage news
  • [+83, -54] Nayeon and Mingyu
  • [+60, -0] Haechan Ryujin isn’t popular enough to attract attention yet.  People who normally don’t care about idols don’t even know who these two are
  • [+33, -56] I guess it’s about time BTS got their dating rumors out..
  • [+32, -3] But IU is definitely dating.  At IU’s level, it doesn’t make any sense to say that she’s still single until now ㅋㅋ Moreover, IU’s recent songs are also very sweet
  • [+28, -20] If I could hear it, it would be IU and Zico ㅇㅇ
  • [+23, -25] Maybe it’s BTS’ turn.  After all, they’re the hottest idols right now.  It’s still more interesting to start a new year with an idol’s dating news
  • [+21, -0] Haechan and Ryujin?  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dispatch only stalks top stars or hot trending artists
  • [+19, -2] If Haechan Ryujin is real, Dispatch won’t reveal it.  Even if the audience knows Ryujin, when they hear Haechan’s name, they will ask “Who is that?”
  • [+15, -2] Wait but are Zico and IU real?
  • [+14, -10] If you need a big bang, then release BTS’s dating news.  Surely the whole world will be in chaos
  • [+11, -10] Jimin and Jung Yein ㅋㅋ
Jimin and Jung Yein
  • [+10, -7] Taemin and YooA
  • [+6, -5] V and Ha Jiwon… I’ve heard rumors about this couple for a long time but why hasn’t Dispatch kept an eye on them yet?
  • [+6, -8] However, after last year’s news about Hyun Bin and Son Yejin, I think it isn’t fun to reveal the actor’s dating news. Everyone will be like ‘Oh I got it’ then wish them well. After all, the dating rumors of famous idols are still the most interesting
  • [+5, -12] Is IU really dating Zico?ㅠ I was expecting her to date Suga
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