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BTS V appears on “Running Man” again after 7 years “It’s on my bucket list”

“World star” BTS V will appear on the Sep 10th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man”.

When the news of BTS V‘s appearance on “Running Man” was announced, the preview released on the official YouTube channel of “Running Man” quickly reached about 500,000 views. Netizens showed enthusiastic responses such as “I’m looking forward to V’s exercise capacity and intellectual capacity“, “I’m really looking forward to the combination of V and Running Man members“, “I can’t help but smile just by watching the preview“…

V, who joined the recent recording, took over “Running Man” with his golden visuals and unexpected entertainment sense. V showed off his impressive aura from the opening. He could not hide his excitement about appearing on “Running Man” again, “I watched ‘Running Man’ every time I ate. ‘Appearing on the show’ is on my bucket list.

BTS V appears on "Running Man" again after 7 years

V then attracted attention by captivating the members and the scene with his unexpected volubility. In particular, Haha, who showed his affection as a fan for V in the past by saying “I really want to become V“, heralded a new chemistry by reenacting a photo from 7 years ago with V.

On this day, “Running Man” was decorated as the “Hopscotch V-topia” race. V, who turned into a great land owner, and tenant farmer members competed for ownership of the land. Accordingly, V was reborn as a “friendly landowner”, but he controlled the members by setting high taxes. The bewildered members expressed their dissatisfaction and eventually knelt down.

BTS V appears on "Running Man" again after 7 years

Afterwards, the members joined forces to ignite a rebellion against the “landowner”. Amid the overheated competition, will V be able to maintain his landowner position? You can confirm this through “Running Man”, which is scheduled to air at 6:15 PM on Sunday, Sep 10th.

Source: Daum

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