BTS topped “Asia Artist Award” ranking chart on the first day, followed by EXO and WANNA ONE

BTS topped the list on the first day of the popular 2018 Asia Artist Awards (AAA)

On September 21st, at 9 AM KST, BTS ranked 1st in the “Singer” category in the 2018 AAA fan voting with 184,094 votes (in the period from September 20th to October 12th).

Following BTS, EXO ranked 2nd with 129,425 votes and WANNA ONE ranked 3rd with 118,784 votes. Among the girl groups, TWICE ranked 8th place with 35,039 votes in the “Singer” category.

In the “Actor” category, EXO Do Kyung Soo ranked 1st with 18,802 votes, then EXO Sehun came 2nd with 16,157 votes. Third place was INFINITE L (Kim Myung Soo) with 7871 votes.

Meanwhile, the 2018 AAA fan voting popularity award will be decided by 100 percent by fans. Last year, EXO Do Kyung Soo, EXO and Yoona won the honored awards. The 2018 AAA, which is an integrated award ceremony for singers and actors, will be held at the Southeastern Gymnasium in Incheon on November 28th.

Sources: Star news

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