BTS RM flaunts his home that feels like a gallery with mountains of books

Recently, a video titled “RM ‘All Day (with Kim Nam Joon)’ Part 1” was posted on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”. 

In the video, RM can be seen waking up to the sound of his cell phone alarm, making his bed, and opening windows to ventilate his house. The male idol then said to the camera, “Hello, I’m RM. Today, with the release of my album, I’m gonna try to film how I live.”

bts rm

RM then started an online housewarming party, and showed the audience around as he completed daily tasks. Alongside talking about his eating habits and house designs, RM explained, “At my house, it’s just me, books, and paintings. Keep that in mind”. He also pointed out his favorite art pieces, which covered the whole house and made it look like a gallery.

bts rm

Then, RM revealed the mountains of books that were all over his living space. “This is an amazing TV drawer, but if you open this, you’ll see my books. It’s almost full. Books I’ve read. I got these books out to read, but they keep piling up. I keep on buying books. That’s a problem,” the idol said. 

bts rm

Finally, RM introduced his kitchen to viewers, which is also decorated with paintings. “There’s more paintings and writings on the other side. You can see them displayed there. That’s embarrassing. I told you, it’s just me, paintings and books”, he said. 

Source: Nate

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