BTS’ “Love Yourself: Answer” surpasses 100K on Oricon

Within a day J-ARMYs had sweept over 100,000 albums of “Love Yourself: Answer”, a record which normal artists need a week or a month to do so.

Recently, Japan’s Oricon Daily Chart revealed BTS’ album sales after the first day in this country. Specifically, after 24 hours, BTS has sold a total of 104,376 copies of “Love Yourself: Answer” album on 7/9/2018. This is a very impressive number of sales for a Korean album sold in this market compared to that of Japan artists’ album sales. This helped BTS to top the Oricon Daily Chart of Japan on September 7th.

BTS sold out 104.376 copies of “Love Yourself: Answer” on September 7th.

Previously, in April of 2018, BTS succeeded in surpassing KARA’s sales record of “Super Girls” in the Japanese market, which is something no idol groups had been able to in the past six years. The group has sold 282,000 copies of “Love Yourself: Tear” in its first week (KARA reached 275,000 copies before). Album “Love Yourself: Answer” is predicted to break this record once again in the future. Thanks to these achievements, BTS is still the top leading foreign artist in Japan.

In the Korean market, this album’s sales has surpassed BTS’ previous album “Love Yourself: Tear” and reached 1.9 million units sold in the first eight days. This is an unexpectedly high number. BTS is currently the idol group with the highest selling album in GAON history. Experts said that next week, BTS’ album will set a new record with 2 million albums sold.

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