BTS Jungkook’s “Bulguri” stolen? Noodle brand files for trademark of the recipe

Nongshim, an instant noodle brand, has applied for trademark rights over “Bulguri”, a recipe previously introduced by BTS Jungkook. 

According to an eToday coverage on March 20th, noodle brand Nongshim has applied for trademark rights over “Bulguri” back in March 16th. “Bulguri” is a recipe previously introduced by BTS Jungkook on the fan community Weverse, which quickly gained attention. 


Regarding this move, an official from Nongshim said, “When BTS Jungkook introduced (the recipe) and it became a hot topic, we applied for patents and trademark rights for ‘Bulguri’ in order to protect our brand and prevent careless commercial use of our brand”. 

They also added that this is a usual precautionary move utilized by businesses. 

However, many people are angry over Nongshim’s action, seeing that “Bulguri” is a creation of Jungkook. In addition, suspicions are high, seeing that Nongshim has previously applied for trademarks over other viral recipes, such as “Chapaguri” from “Parasite”, and later released a product based on the same recipe, using the same name.

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On the other hand, many state that Nongshim is probably just taking careful precautions. They also said that Nongshim is unlikely to release a related product, seeing that in his recipe, Jungkook combines Nongshim’s noodle line Neoguri with Buldak – a spicy noodle line from Nongshim’s rival Samyang.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Nongshim, they really have no conscience… The recipe was created by Jungkook and went viral because of Jungkook
  • Unless the two companies collaborate, I don’t think they will commercialize Jungkook’s recipe, so let’s stay calm 
  • Shouldn’t they pay Jungkook for this?
  • It’s funny that they register this recipe as if it were their work…
  • How about Nongshim and Samyang collaborate and release Bulguri with Jungkook as the model?

The recipe, which was published by Jungkook on March 16th, is as follows: 

Step 1: Heat up from 650ml to 680ml of water in a pan, not a pot

Step 2: Before the water boils, pour in a whole packet of Buldak’s liquid sauce, half a Neoguri’s dried ingredients packet

Step 3: As the water boils, put in the noodle and cook until right

Step 4: Watch the noodles carefully and boil until most water evaporates 

Step 5: Add water if the noodles get too salty

Step 6: Put in Buldak’s dried ingredient packet and add roasted sesame, as well as an adequate amount of perilla seed oil (if available)

Source: theqoo

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