Lee Ho-jung to play the female lead of Netflix’s new drama “Thief: Sound of the Sword”, working together with Kim Nam-gil

It is reported that actress Lee Ho-jung will take on the main character role for the first time after her debut.

According to Donga.com’s report, Lee Ho-jung was recently cast as the female lead of Netflix’s new original series “Thief: Sound of the Sword” (written by Han Jeong-hoon, directed by Hwang Joon-hyuk), playing the role of “Eon Nyeon Yi”. Lee Ho-jung’s appearance is virtually confirmed unless there is any big change.

Lee Ho-jung Thief Sound of the Sword

Set in the 1920s, “Thief: Sound of the Sword” is an action melodrama that tells about people in the Joseon dynasty blowing a refreshing shot to Japan after being deprived of their homes. Eon Nyeon Yi played by Lee Ho-jung was born as the daughter of a tenant farmer and grew up becoming a shooter with an aim to take revenge on the person who murdered her parents. She began to hold the gun for revenge, but now she does it to protect other people.

Lee Ho-jung Thief Sound of the Sword

Model-turned-actor Lee Ho-jung made her face known to the public through the movie “Midnight Runners”. She drew attention for her stable acting through various works, such as movies “The Battle of Jangsari” and drama “Nevertheless”. In particular, Lee Ho-jung impressed the viewers with her amazing performance of playing Saet-byeol in the movie “Hostage: Missing Celebrity”.

Lee Ho-jung Thief Sound of the Sword

Therefore, high expectations have been raised for Lee Ho-jung to show better acting with her next drama in which she was cast as a female lead for the first time after her debut.

Meanwhile, Kim Nam-gil, Lee Yoo-young and Lee Hyun-wook were previously confirmed to star in “Thief: Sound of the Sword”. The filming of this drama will begin next year. The release date has not yet been decided but is expected to be in the second half of next year or later in the first half of 2023.

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