Nugu groups and the sad truth of K-pop industry 

Some nugu groups debuted and disbanded without making any achievements. 

The stakes are currently extremely high in the K-pop industry. There are fixed milestones a group has to achieve in order to gain recognition from the public and, subsequently, solidify their position in the field. However, the harsh reality has shown that there are groups who debuted and disbanded in silence, without anyone knowing.

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“Nugu” groups usually make their debuts under small, low-budget companies. These companies cannot run campaigns or invest a huge sum of money into their groups. They can only afford tacky clothes that usually dissuade the general public from taking interest or engaging with these types of groups. It seems that dreams of fame of success become more far-fetched to nugu groups.


With little to no sales, nugu groups’ companies are financially depleted and cannot support them any longer. These groups have no choice but to disband. Nonetheless, disbandment does mean a complete cutoff with their companies as idols usually have to pay back a loan including training and, sometimes, comeback fees. This is the reality that young idol trainees aren’t aware of before joining the cutthroat entertainment industry. 


Recently, a fan-meeting photo has gone viral on social media. In the picture, a boy group met up with their fans on the pavement and the number of fans did not seem to exceed the number of the group’s members. Upon seeing the image, netizens could not help but feel sorry for the group and the current state of the K-pop industry. 

Source: k14  

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