HYBE launches Weverse Con Festival with improved services focusing on expanding fan experiences

Music fans are excited as the huge music festival ‘Weverse Con Festival’ prepared by HYBE is just a day away.

‘Weverse Con Festival’ to be held at KSPO Dome and 88 Lawn Field in Seoul Olympic Park from the 10th to the 11th of June is the center of attention.


K-pop fandoms are raising high expectations for the lineup of various performers, including HYBE Labels artists, of different genres and nationalities as well as amazing performances and various experiences services provided through Weverse. 

In fact, ‘Weverse Con Festival’ aims to become a music and fan-life festival where music fans can enjoy a variety of fan experiences. Since it is HYBE’s first large-scale offline festival, they are expected to showcase high-quality stages with the concert planning and production capabilities they’ve accumulated so far. In addition, various devices have been prepared to allow viewers to enjoy the concert in different ways, and a rich musical experience foundation has been established. Notably, they have gathered a comprehensive range of auxiliary convenience services to further enrich viewers’ experience.


Weverse Con allows fans to immerse themselves in the impressive performances of the artists at the indoor venue KSPO DOME. Meanwhile, Weverse Park offers a more relaxed atmosphere with a festive vibe where fans can enjoy the festival at the outdoor venue 88 Jandi Yard. There will be Live Play to broadcast Weverse Con on a large screen, and also Online Live Streaming to allow fans to enjoy the concerts online.

The lineup of performers who will decorate the stage of Weverse Con and Weverse Park is also diverse. From 11 a.m to 4: 30 p.m., Bumzu, Enhypen, Hyolyn, Lee Hyun, &Team, Dvwn, Huh Yun Jin, Jeremy Zucker, Moonchild and TXT will showcase their stages at the outdoor concert hall Weverse Park. From 6 p.m., performances by artists, including BOYNEXTDOOR, fromis_9, Hwang Min Hyun, LE SSERAFIM, Moonchild, TXT, Kim Jun Su, Baekho, BTOB, Enhypen, Lightsum, MIDNATT, NewJeans, Zico, &Team, can be viewed through Live Play and Online Live Streaming.

There are also many elements prepared to enhance fans’ enjoyment of the performances. One notable feature is the Lineup Service, which allows fans to register for queues at each booth through the Weverse app, making the festival experience more convenient and pleasant. It enables queuing for each booth within a radius of 3km, and notifications regarding entrance orders, waiting times, and entrance instructions will be sent to each person. This feature eliminates the need to spend time waiting in lines amidst large crowds at the festival. It is an evolved version of the MAP & WAIT TIMES service that Weverse introduced at the festival last year.


In addition, fans can enjoy personalized fan experiences through the Weverse app, such as decorating and sharing their own official merchandise collections using Weverse Buy x Fans or creating fan artworks and displaying them in the Fan Art Gallery.

Furthermore, on-site booths where fans can purchase official merchandise produced specifically for the event will be set up at the Weverse Concert Festival. There are on-site reception booths for fans to receive products purchased in advance through the Weverse app, and also A/S (After-Sales) booths. Fans can easily synchronize and use cheering items to maximize the fun of the performances at the on-site pairing booths.


The Weverse Con Festival representative stated, “It’s an offline festival that covers various services, such as communities, contents, merchandise, and performances that fans have been able to access through Weverse. Our focus is to provide fans with a more immersive music experience and allow them to enjoy the festival more conveniently. With a diverse lineup of performances, various experiential zones, and convenient features through the Weverse app, fans will be able to get an advanced music experience.”

Meanwhile, HYBE has successfully organized various large-scale concerts, including world tours of artists under its labels, well-produced branding concerts, such as ‘2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE’ and ‘2022 Weverse Con [New Era]’, as well as the ‘THE CITY’ project, which took place in five cities in three countries (South Korea, the U.S., and Japan) last year. These events provided music fans with a new music experience and received positive responses.

Source: Daum

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