BTS Jungkook revealed a video of him doing boxing, captivating the hearts of all female fans with his manly side, “His charismatic eyes and skills are perfect”

BTS Jungkook showed off his manly charm through a “boxing” video.

On December 2nd, Jungkook uploaded a video on his Instagram and left a short message in the caption, saying, “Let’s do boxing”. The released video showed Jungkook practicing boxing. Wearing a black T-shirt and training pants, Jungkook is sweating a lot while working out.

BTS Jungkook boxing

He boasted perfect teamwork with a man who seems to be his personal trainer. Jungkook’s fast punches and flexible weaving movements excite the hearts of fans who watched this video. In particular, Jungkook showed charismatic and decisive eyes while practicing but revealed an unexpected charm with a soft smile when the practice was over. His different sides got fans overwhelmed.

In response to the video, Internet users gave enthusiastic reactions, such as “He is full of charisma”, “There’s nothing Jungkook can’t do”, “His eyes and skills are all perfect”.

Meanwhile, in December last year, Jungkook opened personal Instagram for the first time since his debut to communicate with fans all around the world. His account rapidly exceeded 25 million followers in about two weeks and is currently expected to surpass 29 million soon.

In celebration of the New Year, Jungkook posted an article to show his limitless affection for fans, saying, “Thanks to many people, I was able to go through this year happily and safely without having my body and mind hurt. Thank you so much, Everyone really worked hard. Let’s all stay healthy and be happy in the New Year.”


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