BTS Jungkook at Music Bank: a trustworthy and emotional vocalist, who delivered “eardrum ecstasy”

As the main vocalist of BTS, Jungkook totally captivated fans with his high-quality live performance on “Music Bank”.

On June 17th, BTS performed their new title song “Proof” and the b-side track “For Youth” on KBS2’s music show “Music Bank”. 

Both songs started with a powerful vocal performance from the BTS member Jungkook, who captivated all ears with his affectionate, clear, and charming voice, and perfectly delivered his heartfelt emotions towards ARMYs (fandom of BTS). 

In particular, Jungkook bared his soul through his emotional vocals, making a deep impression on all audiences. At the end of his performance, the male idol drew enthusiastic cheers, having successfully boasted strong and challenging high notes. 

On “Music Bank”, Jungkook appeared in two costumes, a checkered vest and an all-white outfit that exuded princely charms. The idol’s eyes were filled with emotions and love for his BTS fans. 

Regarding his performance, Jungkook shared his excitement when meeting fans. “I was very nervous today. I thought it was due to the live recording and performance, but even after the show, I couldn’t stop the nervousness,” the idol said. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • My eardrums felt enchanted after Jungkook’s live performance
  • How can his pitch be so perfect
  • Jungkook’s heavenly vocal that melts the eardrums
  • I love his clear voice 
  • Introduction fairy and ending fairy ♥
  • I adore and find Jungkook’s sweet voice so catchy!
  • Our Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Prince ♥
  • Jungkook is surely looking his prime~
  • He’s so handsome and breathtaking

Source: Nate

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