BTS Jin is now a member of UNICEF’s Honors Club with 100 million won in donations

Jin, a member of the group BTS, has become a member of the UNICEF’s Honors Club as he has surpassed 100 million won in accumulated donations to UNICEF.

UNICEF’s Honors Club is a group of sponsors who donated more than 100 million won to the UNICEF Korea Committee for children around the world.

Members include Park Yang-sook who sponsored 10 billion won for Asian children’s education; Kim Yu-na who is UNICEF’s current amity ambassador; ambassador Andre Kim, ambassador Ahn Sung-ki, and special delegate Won Bin of Korean Committee for UNICEF; and other figures from all walks of life such as Amore Pacific’s chairman Suh Kyung-bae, chairman Choi Byung-oh of the fashion group Hyung-ji, and Kim Seok-soo, chairman of the Dongsuh Foods Corporation.

Jin, who has donated a certain amount of money every month since May last year in silence, decided to disclose the news of his joining the Honors Club because he agreed that “good influence will increase as we share“.

I appreciate the meaningful donation of BTS member Jin, who is a role model for young people and spreading a hopeful message around the world,” said Lee Ki-chul, secretary general of the Korean Committee for UNICEF. “I hope the donation will serve as an opportunity to draw attention and participation of many young people.”

Meanwhile, BTS and its agency Big Hit Entertainment have been carrying out a LOVE MYSELF campaign with UNICEF since November 2017, which focuses on the message “Let’s Love Myself“. LOVE MYSELF is a campaign that sponsors the UNICEF End-Violence campaign that protects children and teens around the world from violence and carries out various activities along with donations.

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