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BTS J-Hope and Jungkook’s reactions to V’s solo album? “Recording at Jungkook’s house”

BTS V revealed that he let the members listen to his solo songs.

BTS V, who is about to release a solo album 10 years after his debut, appeared on the Sep 6th broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block” as a guest.

V surprised everyone by revealing that he asked CEO Min Hee Jin, who was in charge of producing his album, for a meeting first.

V confessed, “I really liked f(x)’s album ‘Pink Tape’. I heard that CEO Min Hee Jin made that album, so I wanted to try doing an album with her.”

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V talked about CEO Min Hee Jin, “After listening to the song I worked on, she said, ‘I’ll try to make this possible.’ She’s full of passion.

Yoo Jae Suk asked whether V let BTS members listen to his album’s songs.

V replied, “We don’t see each other much because we all have busy schedules. However, I let Jungkook and J-Hope, who is currently serving in the military, listen to my album.”

When asked about the members’ reactions, V shared, “They said, ‘It’s refreshing. It fits you perfectly.’ I recorded while receiving directions at Jungkook’s house.”

Source: Daum

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