Brave Ent is pursuing legal action against malicious comments aimed at Brave Girls Yuna

Recently, Brave Girls Yuna has continuously been getting hate on male community sites for her statements that are said to insult Korean men. 

Brave Girls recently made a comeback with the summer song “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and quickly achieved impressive results. The girls also received the love and support from the audience that they deserved after 10 years since their debut.

However, amid the continuous good news, a controversy related to member Yuna was blown up on social networks.

Specifically, Yuna was recently accused of being a feminist after using a phrase that was misinterpreted as a term commonly used by Korean feminists. 

An Instagram story showing a slanderous direct message aimed at Yuna from an Instagram user

The incident started when Yuna used the word ‘Oh Jo Uk (500 million KRW)’ in a special show with Brave Girls.  This word has been mistaken for the word ‘Oh Jo Oh Uk (5 trillion, 500 million)’. This is a compound word commonly used by Korean feminists. In Korea, ‘Oh Jo Oh Uk’ means 1 trillion and 500 billion sperm. Korean feminists often say they shouldn’t date a guy with less than 1500 billion sperm. Therefore,like ‘Hubba Hubba’, ‘Oh Jo Oh Uk’ became a discriminatory and insulting phrase, not allowed to be used in Korea. 

As a result, a conversation broke out. The post on an online male community site stated that Yuna is a feminist. Netizens also took issue with a t-shirt she once wore that said “No power like girl power.”

As the increasing defamation and hateful comments aimed at Yuna as a result of this situation, Brave Entertainment has announced that they will file a lawsuit against the malicious users.

Brave Brothers‘ statement is as follows:

“Hello, this is Brave Entertainment.  We have recently identified several malicious posts that defame artists, including malicious slander and the spread of groundless false information. 

In this regard, we have completed the collection of the pieces of evidence through monitoring and tips that were given to the company. We will proceed with legal action through a law firm to protect our artists from such malicious acts.”

Source: AK

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