BLINKs demanded Rolling Stone Korea to apology for “disrespecting Jisoo and Lisa”

BLACKPINK’s fans are outraged by Rolling Stone Korea’s new article about BLACKPINK.

On July 5, Rolling Stone Korea posted an article titled “The Apex of a K-Pop Girl Group Fit Out in Glamor and Attitude” praising BLACKPINK’s talent and appearance but unexpectedly received much backlash from the BLINK community.

blackpink rollingstone

The reason is because the article used phrases that are thought to be disrespectful to members Jisoo and Lisa.
In particular, when mentioning Jisoo, the article said, “Although she does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, her growth is much more apparent.” This statement seemingly praised Jisoo’s growth as an artist. However, many BLACKPINK fans are pointing out that implying that her vocal and dancing talent is lacking compared to other members is very unnecessary and disrespectful.

blackpink rollingstone

In addition, this article is also said to be “racist” and “xenophobic” towards Lisa as well. As seen below, the article praised Lisa’s appearance as “exotic” and used the word “kinks” when talking about her pronunciation as a foreign member. This has been deemed off-limit by many BLINKS, who have already been sensitive when it comes to racism towards Lisa, as the maknae of BLACKPINK has faced much discrimination as a Thai idol in Korea before.

“The unique presence of Lisa, created by her overpowering physical charm and exotic appearance…highlight her identity as a solo artist.

…her pronunciation in those songs is natural enough to prevent the listener from sensing any kinks from the foreign member of the group.”
BLINKs are now trending on Twitter to demand an official apology from Rolling Stone Korea, but instead of making any official announcement, the magazine has simply deleted the controversial sentences.

blackpink rollingstone
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