BTS Suga, “If ‘Person Pt.2’ is a song to listen to, ‘Haegeum’ is a song to watch.”

Suga, a member of BTS, revealed his excitement about the upcoming tour as well as his thoughts on his solo album.

On April 24th, Suga talked about his solo album “D-DAY”, which was released under the stage name Agust D, through his agency Big Hit Music.

Suga released his solo album “D-DAY” on the 21st. “D-DAY” is a personal work released about three years after the 2020 mixtape “D-2”, and it completes the Agust D trilogy, following the 2016 mixtape “Agust D” and “D-2”.


Regarding this, Suga explained, “It’s the first release in three years since ‘D-2’, but I actually started working on it in 2020. This album is also amazing because there are songs that couldn’t make it on ‘D-2’. It’s the last story in the message framework that Agust D wanted to convey, so I put more effort into it.”

According to Suga, “D-DAY” incorporates the message of focusing on “me” and “now” in an era where too fast and vast information is overflowing.” The BTS member also asked people to listen to the entire album, saying, “As with all the music I’ve made, I’ve included honest and unadorned stories this time as well. If you listen to the tracks in order, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say”.

Regarding the title track “Haegeum”, Suga commented, “If I were to express it in the original Agust D style, there should be a lot of aggressive and strong words, but it’s not that kind of song“,  adding, “These days, music is not only something to listen to but also something to watch. We invested a lot in visual aspects like music videos for ‘Haegeum’. If the pre-release track ‘Person Pt.2 (feat. IU)’ is a song to listen to, ‘Haegeum’ is a song to watch.”


Suga also has his first solo world tour ahead of him. Starting at Belmont Park on April 26-27th, he will perform in Newark, Rosemont, Los Angeles, Oakland, and other cities in the United States, as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Seoul, and Japan.

Feeling excited rather than nervous, Suga said, “I’m more at ease than at any other concert. I think singers are performers before they are singers. I project a lot of my values as a singer into my performances. Concerts are usually tight and tense, but I’ve been practicing steadily for this tour since a month ago. I’m very excited to meet ARMY (fandom name).”

Finally, the male idol concluded, “Agust D is a name I started using to tell various stories. It took me seven years until the completion of ‘D-DAY’. Please empathize, cry, laugh, and just enjoy it. That’s why there are people like BTS, Suga, and Agust D to play such a role. I just want you all to be happy and joyful.”

Source: Daum 

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