“Street Woman Fighter”: PROWDMON and YGX were eliminated

PROWDMON and YGX were the two crews that got eliminated in the semi-final round of “Street Woman Fighter”.

In Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” broadcast aired on October 19th, the eliminated teams were decided through the semi-final battle.

Following last week, the stages of HOLYBANG, PROWDMON and YGX for the “Man of Women” Mission were shown. As a result, YGX ranked at the bottom with the lowest score. PROWDMON ranked 5th while LACHICA and HOOK were tied with at 4th place. The second place went to HOLYBANG and CocaNButter successfully ranked first place.

Winning No.1 for the first time, CocaNButter dancers burst into tears. Leader Rihey said, “I cried because I could feel my team members have worked really hard. This is the first time that I cried happily like this.” Zsun also expressed her happiness, “I’m glad that we’re getting recognized.

However, the show didn’t end here. The final rankings of this semi-final round were released after adding points from the “Dance Creation Mission” and the Global Public Voting.

The final rankings after adding additional points were announced: HOOK ranked 1st place, HOLYBANG was 2nd place, and CocaNButter in 3rd place. YGX, LACHICA, PROWDMON in order ranked No.4, No.5 and No.6.

Therefore, PROWDMON was confirmed eliminated. YGX and LACHICA had to join an elimination battle. The elimination battle had 5 rounds. YGX won the first round. Then, YGX Yell was defeated by LACHICA Rian in the second round. In the third round, YGX Lee Jung won over LACHICA leader Gabi. However, LACHICA tied the battle after the fourth round. The last round was a battle between YGX Yeojin and LACHICA Peanut. Receiving all votes from the judges, Peanut helped LACHICA win the elimination battle

As a result, YGX was confirmed to stop their journey in “Street Woman Fighter” after this semi-final round.

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