Shin Yeeun Apologizes in a Long and Heartfelt Message for Losing AirPods Given by Fan

Shin Yeeun’s exceptional love for her fans is drawing attention.

On May 18th, a Twitter post that read, “Shin Yeeun is amazing. She received AirPods as a gift from a fan, but lost them and sent a long message apologizing,” drew netizens’ attention.

The attached photo shows the long message Shin Yeeun sent to her fans on the messaging app Bubble.

Shin Yeeun cautiously wrote on Bubble, “You know… I’m really hesitant to say this…


She continued, “I’m really sorry. I think I lost the customized AirPods that you gave me before. I kept looking for them even after coming back from Hawaii, searching every day, asking people around me, cleaning the house, and even asking if I left them at my parents’ house… But in the end, I couldn’t find them…” 

She then explained, “I will continue to look for them in the future. But if I happen to see you next time and get asked if I’m using the AirPods well, I can’t lie, and it’s also too sorry to say that I lost them. I was thinking about what to do and decided to leave a message here…

Shin Yeeun said, “I really bragged about (the Airpods) everywhere and cherished it so much. I don’t know why it disappeared… I always had a place to put them, but one day, they suddenly disappeared. It’s my fault, and I’m so sorry. I’m so upset and feel bad, but I’m more sorry because the friend who gave me the gift must have been more hurt. It’s all my fault. If you’re hurt or feeling bad, please tell me. I’m really sorry that I’ll find a way to find them no matter what…

In response, netizens left comments such as “My heart feels warm,” “Is she an angel?” “So kind. It must be happy for the fan to be cherished like this,” “Her heart is so beautiful,” “I can really feel that she cherished the gift. It comes through in her message,” etc. 

Source: wikitree

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