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BLACKPINK Lisa, BIGBANG Taeyang, and Bi Rain are rumored to take part in a Chinese street dance competition 

“Street Dance of China” Season 6 creates a divided reaction over the captain lineup.

Recently, a lineup of captains for “Street Dance of China” Season 6 is causing a buzz on social media. The program is widely known for compelling and creative choreographies, along with talented participants from various dancing backgrounds. Not stopping there, the hype born out of each face-off is unmatched. Moreover, the series also garners much attention thanks to the reputation of the captains.

street dance
The captains of “Street Dance of China” Season 5 included Wang Yi Bo, Han Geng, Henry Lau, and Lay Zhang

A list of a pending captain lineup reveals those who may lead the teams of Season 6. They are Wang Yi Bo, Lay Zhang, Han Geng, BLACKPINK Lisa, BIGBANG Taeyang, and Bi Rain. Half of the lineup are Korean stars, gaining attention.

BLACKPINK Lisa and BIGBANG Taeyang may appear on “Street Dance of China” Season 6
bi rain emmys red carpet
Bi Rain is also included in the potential lineup

Three out of 6 are Korean stars. Lisa and Taeyang are top YG dancers. At the same time, Bi Rain has gained much reputation as an idol and an actor. He is now a high-profile star in the entertainment industry. The other half has been working and building a career in Korea at some time in their life.

The news attracts divided reactions. Many feel that the show lacks a distinct Chinese presence and that it resorts too much to Korean talents. However, the lineup has not been finalized. Therefore, changes may take place, considering public opinion. 

Source: K14  

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