Uhm Jung Hwa’s Sweet Gesture Towards Her Junior Who Was Struggling Behind-the-Scenes of “Doctor Cha”

Veteran actress Park Jun Geum revealed a heartwarming anecdote about Uhm Jung Hwa on the set of “Doctor Cha.”

On May 18th, through a video posted on her channel, Park Jun Geum expressed her gratitude for the success of JTBC’s ongoing drama “Doctor Cha.” 

She also shared an anecdote about co-star Uhm Jung Hwa, who plays the main character Cha Jung Sook in the drama. 

uhm jung hwa

Park Jun Geum said, “There is a scene where actor Lee Seo Yeon, who plays Uhm Jung Hwa’s daughter, has to scold Kim Byung Chul. Lee Seo Yeon had to cry her eyes out, but her tears couldn’t come out. It’s not because she lacks the ability. Actors are also human beings, so there are times when tears don’t come out.”

She continued, “The director also thought that a single tear drop was necessary, but she wouldn’t give up easily and didn’t want to use eye drops either. I have had similar experiences, and at those times, I wanted to poke my own eyes. But Uhm Jung Hwa embraced Lee Seo Yeon tightly. When I saw that, tears welled up in my eyes. After they hugged for about 20 seconds, the director shouted ‘Action,’ and her tears started flowing.”

uhm jung hwa

Park Jun Geum even recreated the scene while hugging a doll beside her and said, “Uhm Jung Hwa’s heart is so warm.”

JTBC’s “Doctor Cha” has been continuing to record its highest viewership ratings. Episode 10 achieved a peak rating of 20.0% (based on Nielsen Korea, paid households).

Source: Nate

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